You may find yourself asking some of the questions below.  We hope you find the answers helpful!  Or course, we cannot answer every possible question you might have, so feel free to reach out to us if you need additional insight!

Q: I see lots of adds on facebook and TV about making your own website.  How hard can it be?

A: It doesn’t have to be difficult.  Making a basic website is relatively simple; however, making and GREAT website and keeping it great takes time, dedication and knowledge.  It also is often necessary to be able to do graphic manipulations as well as website analytics, speed testing, mobile app compatibility, etc.

Q: Once I get my website written, I can pretty much just let it go, right?

A: WRONG!  That would be the same as saying “I bought a new computer, I shouldn’t have to ever worry about anything going wrong on it.”  While it may run well for a while, it is only a matter of time before things start acting oddly.  There is also the every-increasing risk from website hackers, malware, etc that can negatively affect the website as well as your business reputation.

Q: I have Norton or McAfee on my business computers.  Isn’t that enough protection?

A: It might be; but most midsized and large businesses take it to another level.  With constant monitoring and security alerts, you need to know there is a problem before it causes irreparable damage.  Our software actually notifies us when there is a potential issue and makes sure it is taken care of.  Time is the most important thing in terms of computer viruses and malware.

Q: I have a flash drive plugged into my computer and I copy my files to it.  Doesn’t that count as computer backup?

A: It does, but that is a local backup.  What if you experienced fire or water damage, rendering the computer and flash drive useless?  Best practices are that backups are stored in off-site locations.  Cloud based backups offer the highest level of data retention and the peace of mind that comes with that